Faber- Brand New Floors and Coverings Forever

  • DIY Solution

    The products that Faber Chimica makes available to tilers, installers and end users are a single solution containing all of the performance and effectiveness of professional solutions with the quick, simple use that characterises DIY products. This is why they can be successfully used by those in the trade, such as tilers, installers, cleaning companies and building workers, but they also represent an ideal, simple and top-performance solution for all those looking to take care personally of the surfaces in their home. A complete range of products for stain removing, cleaning, polishing and protecting natural stone and ceramic materials such as stoneware and cotto. Solutions for cleaning and caring for floors but also for all other surfaces: walls, stairways, kitchen and bathroom tops, and work tables, indoors and out. This range also includes cleaners for post-installation cleaning and for the daily care of surfaces,which have been tested and recommended by top manufacturers of ceramic and stoneware, thanks to their effective action against dirt but also their gentleness on surfaces.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    Surfaces in natural stone or ceramics such as stoneware or cotto need to be properly cleaned and maintained to prevent the occurrence of problems that risk jeopardising the beauty and the functional use of the materials. A correct cleaning and care program, using Faber Chimica solutions will preserve the characteristics and beauty of any type of surface: detergents that are effective against dirt but gentle on surfaces for worksite cleaning but also for everyday care and extraordinary maintenance of materials; solutions to clean and smooth natural stone such as marble or granite; stain removers able to remove any type of stain from any material; protectors, stone sealers, finishing agents and waxes for effective surface protection against water, dirt and stains.
    With Faber Chimica products you can maintain surfaces over time, making sure that every day, they will shine as if they had just been installed.

  • Showroom Collection

    Faber Showroom is a range of products that Faber Chimica has developed to combine the performance and effectiveness of professional products with the needs of who wants to take care of surfaces by ourself. High-performance products that stand out for their quick, easy application and the fact they offer all-round care for different surfaces while completely respecting the materials and their different characteristics. All with the constant, punctual and above all, professional support that has always been a standout feature of the Technical Assistance Service at Faber Chimica.

    The Faber Showroom line is available in the top showrooms and from the best retailers of building materials, and it can boast a range of products that have been tested and recommended by the major manufacturers of tiles and facings in ceramic or natural stone, to care for, clean and maintain the surfaces covered in their creations. The products in the Faber Showroom range have been designed and developed starting with the characteristics of the materials and the needs of users, and they are constantly in line with the particular nature of the latest collections of coverings presented by different manufacturers.